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Learn who God created you to be so you always walk in victory!


Online Christian Preschool

Kids Victory Zone Preschool (KVZ) was founded in the fall of 2021 with a purpose to empower families to effectively educate their children beyond the walls of the traditional classroom. The founder of KVZ is a seasoned homeschooling mother of 4 with a passion for teaching children using an eclectic style of unschooling -just as she taught her own children.

We believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and on that foundation have we founded the unique elements of our program, curriculum, and teaching methods. We believe that no child learns the same, and every child should be guided in a way that supports their uniqueness spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, academically, and mentally.

Our teaching is aligned with the Bible. We love teaching our children about the Lord at every opportunity. We want our children to grow in love, respect, and power as they grow to learn more about Jesus!

Meet our Director & Lead Preschool Teacher

Hi! I'm Ms. Nina!

headshot of ms. nina

Good Day! My name is Nina Goosby. I am thankful to share a bit about my journey through life with you! I have a bachelor's in Psychology and was a Licensed Social Worker for several years before marrying and starting a family. I am the mother of 4 children ages 15-23, all who were homeschooled starting at birth. I know you might be thinking that school does not start for most children until kindergarten (about the ages of 4-7), however, I am a firm believer that learning begins even younger. One thing I learned for sure from homeschooling, is that more is "caught" by a child at times than that is "taught". As I taught my older children, my preschool aged children played, but later would ask questions about stories I read to the older ones that we would discuss and occasionally they'd answer a question the older children were trying to figure out. So I learned to make sure my younger ones were nearby during my times of facilitating the learning of my older children. While raising my children I was a homemaker and felt led by the Holy Spirit to homeschool them. My approach to homeschooling was first "doing traditional school" at home. However, I realized after a few years that educating children isn't a one size fits all. I began using whatever approach the Holy Spirit guided me to use with each child to learn, grow and excel whether it was my child or someone else's. While homeschooling my children I joined a 150 member homeschooling group where I was the director and lead teacher of the preschool program and co-taught art classes for preschool to high school age. l also taught Bible Study to the elementary students at church for several years. I have always had a love for training and educating little ones to know who God created them to be and to explore their surroundings and soar high in their lives in all areas! So come and allow your preschooler to soar to the heights that he or she was created to soar!

Meet our Spanish Teacher

Hi! I'm Ms. Ana!

I am a Spanish teacher, language coach, and the founder and owner of Spanish Play Dates, a year-round Spanish classroom with on-demand Spanish classes with weekly themes, by months and season. I have taught hundreds of children to speak Spanish at an early age, and I'm excited to teach your child Spanish too!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are class days and times?

Currently, class days for our 2-day program is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM EST.

Do parents have to be present?

No. You do, however, need to log your child into the online classroom at the start of each class, and make sure they have the materials and supplies they need for class that day. But if your child is not familiar with online learning, it helps for parents to sit with their child for a few classes until they reach a level of independence that doesn't warrant you to be right next to them each time.

Are parents required to print any materials?

Occasionally. Any materials that need to be printed will be uploaded to the parent dashboard area.

What if my child is shy?

We are aware that all children are unique, respond differently, and learn at their own pace. We are very patient and will help your child feel comfortable in class to help boost their confidence and sense of self. Many children are shy during the first few classes, but you will see them begin to come out of their shell in no time after getting used to the routine.

Is my child required to bring anything to class?

Yes! We encourage our parents to prepare their children with specific materials we will be using to meet our learning goals during class time. These materials align with our hands-on teaching methods. When your children are using their hands to manipulate materials and objects during class time, they are able to more effectively and naturally retain their focus on the teacher and the lesson activities. We will always inform you of what materials they need to bring to class.

How will I need to log my child into class?

Online classes are held on the Zoom platform. Upon enrollment, you will gain access to our private Zoom class link. You can use a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. We do not recommend using a small, cellular device because your child won't be able to see as well as if they were using a bigger device. Don't worry. If you aren't familiar with logging in to Zoom, we will assist you so your child is ready for their first day of class!

What if my child misses a class?

We record all classes for the safety of all children. Class recordings can be requested by parents for the particular class they missed, but this recording is only made available for a specific length of time. You will receive more information about this upon your enrollment.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes, we do offer a sibling discount. Please contact us to learn more.

What subjects are taught in class?

We focus on building our preschoolers' phonological and phonemic awareness (letter names, sounds, rhyming, etc.) and their number sense (counting out loud, counting objects one by one, comparing more and less than, etc.). We also love arts and crafts where children can express their creativity. Our full curriculum helps to prepare our preschoolers for kindergarten!

Do you offer a free trial class?

Tuition is due up front for all families. However, new families have the option to try our program for a week. If our program is not a good fit, they have the opportunity to unenroll their child by the end of their FIRST week (by Friday) and be refunded the tuition (not including the non-refundable registration fee).

If you have more questions, you can contact us at (234) 738-0071.

Or if you're ready to get your child started...

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