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Online, Christian Preschool Curriculum

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What is our Curriculum Focus?

Holy Spirit-Led

We believe that in order to help our children best, we must allow the Spirit of God to lead us. Our curriculum choices and activities always aim to align with the will of God because He knows what they need and the best way to deliver it!

Hands-On & Interactive

Children learn best when actively using their 5 senses to explore their environment and materials in their environment. Activities always surround topics that will allow students to activate multiple senses to increase learning retention and reduce boredom.

Developmentally Appropriate & Adaptable

Children do not all learn at the same pace or using the same methods. When we plan our curriculum activities, we take into consideration the developmental level and interests of our students. We meet them where they are and walk with them as they grow and surpass new milestones, offering new activities to challenge them.


Our classes have focused times of movement to allow our students the opportunity to dance, express themselves, and get their "wiggles out", especially before we begin our focused lesson activities. We also encourage intentional movement during lesson time to diversify their learning experience (e.g. jumping 10 times while counting to 10).

Our Proven & Effective Curriculum Prepares Your Child for Kindergarten!

Teachers all across America have used our curriculum choice to effectively prepare their preschool and prekindergarten students for kindergarten. In our curriculum, we explore unique and fun themes that naturally pique the interest of young learners. We spend time exploring each theme for as long as our children continue to take interest. Our curriculum is play-based and child-focused. Through our curriculum, we place a high value on the PROCESS and not the PRODUCT.

In our curriculum, we focus on the following content areas:

Language, Literacy & Communication


Creative Arts

Science & Technology

Social Emotional Learning

Physical Development/Health

Foreign Language (Spanish)

Curriculum Kits

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Welcome Kit

When you enroll, your child will receive a specially curated welcome kit that includes materials we will use throughout the school year.

Monthly Supply Kits

Each month, your child will receive a new supply kit that will include a few supplies and materials that will be used to complement our thematic studies.

If you have more questions about our curriculum, we would love to speak with you!

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